At Southdale, we want children to experience what it means to be an artist. We want our children to become open-minded, confident individuals, who interpret the world we live in in different ways. Through exposure to a range of skills, materials and inspiring artists, we want to instil creativity in our children by providing them with a practical and purposeful curriculum, with several opportunities to develop their own style and express their own values. Core knowledge and skills are revisited and built upon, as the children embark on their art journey through school, allowing them to become masters of certain aspects of art. We want our children to allow themselves to open their eyes and their minds to a world of art, and it is crucial that children appreciate art from a range of cultures and a diverse range of inspirational individuals, continuing to BE inspired in order TO inspire. Children will leave Southdale with a strong passion for a ‘’new way of seeing things’’, knowing the impact of art and how it can make people feel. They will leave with the tools to create high quality personal outcomes where by future generations will not only appreciate their art, but will feel something too.