We have carefully designed our English Curriculum, which we have recently reviewed and refined using the latest Ofsted Research Review for English 2022.

Through developing vocabulary and the breadth and depth of their reading, we ensure that children become independent, fluent and enthusiastic readers who read widely and frequently; outside as well as in school, for pleasure and information. We aim to develop an understanding and enjoyment of stories, poetry, plays and non-fiction.

The texts children read at Southdale are carefully sequenced and linked to the wider curriculum to enable their knowledge and skills in reading non-fiction about a wide range of subjects. 

We aim for our children to enquire a wide vocabulary; a love of words and appreciation of our rich and varied literacy heritage. We aim for all our children to be confident in the arts of speaking and listening; making formal presentations, demonstrating to others and participating in debates.

Our writing curriculum allows our children to learn to write clearly, accurately and coherently for a range of purposes and audiences.