Design & Technology

Our Vision for Design and Technology at Southdale

At Southdale, the intent of Design and Technology is to provide a practical and purposeful curriculum that provides all children with the skills and knowledge to design and make products that solve real-world problems. Within DT, a huge focus is placed on nurturing the resilience and creativity of all children and providing a safe environment for both collaboration and innovation. Throughout our projects, children will make cross curricular links between subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Art and Computing, which allows them to transfer various skills into meaningful contexts. We want Design and Technology to prepare and inspire our children to become critical thinkers, who are capable of solving problems, whilst considering their own values, needs and wants as well as those of others. Through this, children will leave Southdale with key life-skills, which they will require in adult life. Our young designers will help to champion the new wave of innovation that the wider world requires.