School Meals

Meals cost £2.53 per day which can be paid weekly, monthly or on a termly basis using ParentPay. Please ensure your account is regularly topped up to pay for your child’s school dinners.
School meals can be booked in advance, online, via the Feeding Hungry Minds website, . Your child can also book a meal on a daily basis in the classroom through Cypad at morning registration.
As school lunches are cooked off-site, all dinners must be booked by 9.30am. Children taken ill and sent home after this time, must unfortunately still pay for that day’s lunch. Dinners must be booked in advance if your child has an appointment and will not be in school until after 09.30.
Alternatively, children may bring a healthy packed lunch, which should be in a container clearly marked with the child’s name and class.
Plastic water bottles may be brought to school to re-hydrate during lesson time and can be filled from the school water dispensers. For safety reasons, glass bottles or cans of drink must not be brought to school.

To select school meals, please click here.