Absence & Holidays

Please inform the school of the reason for a child’s absence as soon as possible. We would be grateful if parents could contact us on the first day of absence before 9.30am. This contact can be by note, in person, or a telephone call where you can speak to the office staff or leave a message on the answer machine. As the safety of our pupils is paramount, you will be contacted if we have concerns about the whereabouts of your child.
The gates will open at 8:20am where children are welcomed onto the playground. Children go straight into upon arrival.  Lessons commence at 8:30 prompt.

In partnership with our feeder Infant schools, we firmly believe that there are links between attendance and attainment. Southdale Attendance Policy states that holidays taken in school time will NOT be authorised. From September 2023 the Governing Body of Southdale C of E Junior School will follow the local authority guidelines by fining families who take holiday during term time.
Leave for medical or dental appointments, music or dance exams is authorised where confirmation has been received by the school office, from the parent by note or telephone call.

The car park entrance (leading to the reception area) is for staff and visitors, including parents. This entrance must only be used by children under adult supervision. Children must enter and leave the school grounds by either the red gate on Southdale road or the green gate on Belgrave Street.

The playground gates are opened at 8:20am and then at 2:50pm. In the interest of their safety and for insurance purposes, we would be very grateful if young children remain fully supervised on the school playground after school. Please show consideration to the residents of Southdale Road and Belgrave Street when parking cars at the beginning and end of school.