Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

School Governors are one of the largest voluntary organisations in the country. A school governor is often referred to as a ‘critical friend’. But what does a school governor do?

Essentially they are responsible, in collaboration with the head teacher, for managing the effectiveness of the school. This means:

  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring performance
  • School Priorities
  • Managing the budget
  • Review of progress
  • Selecting staff
  • Encouraging good links with the parents and community.

Even though governors are appointed from different parts of the wider school community, all governors have an equal vote in decision making. Being a modern school governor is a rewarding position, where you can be involved in making a positive difference to the future of young people.

Below are the  details of how our Governing body is structured.

Table of Governors

Wakefield Young People’s Charter